Aks Mistar?
Nineteen Boys
Four Uzbek Sheepherders
Two Policemen
Sinaband Froosh
Bus Top
Bus Window
Camel Driver
Carrying A Load Of Fodder
Entrance To Chai Khana
Sidewalk Cobbler
The Babaie Wale Hotel
Dusty Kabul Backstreet
Hauling Freight
Asleep On A Charpaay
Close Shave With A Dull Razor
Village Footpath
The Great Buddha
Holy Man's Tomb
Kabul River Thoroughfare
Grain Merchant
Badakhshan Market Tree
Horse, Man, And Carriage Top
Stepping Stones
The Village Of Lash-i-Jouayn
View Into A Private Compound
Kandahar Landscape With Qala
Nomad Traders
Kids Bus Ride
Neighborhood Kids
Lizards As Medicine
Reading On A Kitchen Street
Village Potter
Chillum Seller
Crowded Bus
Riding Home Late, Winter
Rug Weavers With Their Wares
Sea Of Sheep
Shopping For Pots And Pans
The Kite Flyer
Village Tailor
Man In Pakol Hat
Potter's Family
Rockpiles, Truck
Afghan Sunset
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